divorceThe big (not so nice) D word. Whilst it’s not always the greatest thing to have to go through in most cases it is the best decision for both parties but it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.

Some people I know are currently going through the messy asset splitting stage and to be honest, I don’t envy them one bit. Whilst splitting assets can seem black and white to some degree, when you throw in emotion, and kids, things can get very grey, very quickly.

Family law treats superannuation as property that can be divided too, even if you have separate accounts. It’s important to note however that it isn’t necessarily 50/50. When deciding on fair splits, the following factors will be taken into account: Continue reading

Why comparing insurance products can be like comparing apples with oranges (or an apache helicopter)

This is a guest post from Ben Brett

helicopterIf you believe the television, getting life insurance is as easy as picking up the phone and speaking to a beautiful young telephone operator who appears to be working in one of heaven’s serviced offices. She is happy to take your call, wants to only ask you a few questions and is smiling so widely you can almost feel the hug coming down the telephone line. Sadly, as somebody who has spent many years giving complex legal advice to insurance companies, I can assure you obtaining (good) insurance is not this easy.

The process of providing insurance is a business Continue reading